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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stinky Body Gas Post 3

Today starts the second letter posts, coming to you from the letter.....

People who would never in their life know one fart from another, who would like to act like farts don't exist, will have to admit that a Bathtub Fart is something special.
It is the only fart you can see!
What you see is the bubble or bubbles.
The Bathtub Fart can be either single or mulitple noted and fair of foul as to odor. It makes no difference. The farter's location is what does it.
Maybe there is akind of muffled pong and one big bubble. Or there may be a ping ping ping and a buch of bubbles.
The sound I should point out depends somewhat on the depth of the water and even mmore on the tub. If ti is one of those big old heavy tubs with the funny legs you can get terrific sound effects. Whille one of the new thing ones half buried in the floor can be disappointing.
But either way, as long as the water is deep enough, whatever the sound, up comes the bubble or bubbles and you have to be quick but glance back over your shoulder and you have seen it, the Bathtuyb Fart, the most positively identifiable fart known to man.
It is a common fart and strictly group one unless you are a kid still young enough to take baths with your friends.

I thought this was a good post for Sunday, since there will be many kids taking a bath to get ready for church. Now they can have fun trying to "see" a fart!

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You're Funny Hunny said...

Okay, this one makes me laugh because it brings back memories, good memories or what kind of mom am I memories - I am not sure?

One day my youngest two were having a bath and the giggling was a bit out of control. When I went to check, they proudly announced to me that they had discovered how to make fart bubbles in the tub.

Thanks for making me chuckle.