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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Birthday

It's Friday the 13th, and it's my birthday - I LOVE it when my birthday's on Friday!!

Anywho, to start the day off, my boys came in my room SHORTLY after 7 this morning, and brought me these flowers, which Dean was kind enough to model for me....

Then, to add to the "coolness" of having a Friday the 13th b-day, it's SNOWING!!

What a great day! And later tonight, I'm going to Jess's house for a Twilight party - too cool!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Contest!

I'm posting this on here, and on my Facebook page (maybe I'll get double entries!).

Go to my funny friend Amy's blog, and check out this cool contest!

Then be sure to browse her blog, for a good laugh!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bowling Fun!

I went to an activity with the Young Women (Mel & I horned in on the Miamaid activity, as we didn't have any Laurels there). I took pictures of it with my phone, just to document the event....but then I couldn't FIND them on my phone - ARGH!!

But never fear, I found them! so the following pics are from my YW bowling night, where we had three girls (2 MM, 1 L), to three leaders - I like those odds! If only classroom sizes worked out half as well!

First of all, I have to post a few pics of my GINORMOUS shoes I had to wear. Whether the guys was joking or not, he said these were the last pair of shoes he I just went with it!

See? Aren't they huge?

Next up we have our fearless leaders, Mel, Cheri and me...

Look at my cloddhoppers!!

This is Heidi, doing her thing...

And Kayla, huckin' her yellow ball down the lane...

Rhylee brings up the rear, cuz she was a little late (but boy were we glad to see her!!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Dayz

Sorry, everyone, for being such a blog slacker!! I've become hooked on FarmTown on FaceBook (and other games), and I've let me blogging go by the wayside. Doane says I play the farming games WAY too much, but it's fun!!

Anywho, here are some pictures of the first day of school!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hi all (or very few, as it mostly is...)

I was chatting with a friend tonight, and she directed me to this website, which tells the story of being sick. For those of you who may have wondered about me, and my multiple sclerosis, this is a good explanation. I hope you enjoy the story!

Thanx Jami!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mamarazzi's Love

Hi all. I just wanted to give a shout-out to Mamarazzi and the love she spreads throughout the blogo-sphere!

During the last swap I participated in, my partner had some family issues, so was unable to send me my swap package. I was REALLY let down by this, as I was looking forward to getting to know her more. She seemed like a really fun girl.

So anywho, I was keeping Mamarazzi informed of the situation, and in light of my lack of a package, she sent me a little something so I didn't feel left out. Isn't she sweet?

She sent me a notepad, pen and bookmark, from her trip to "fishful thinking". She made a playlist CD for me. And she sent me a little manicure kit. Such a wonderful person she is!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home & Yard Pics

As my last "public" blog post, I submit to you pictures of things that we "grow" at our house.

First, we "grow" the boys' imaginations, and they build stuff with Lego's big and small....

The boys are supposed to be sleeping, but they can't help but grin!

Here are the side views...

And we also "grow" hair, and given the boys' (read "my") preference for short hair, we have to cut it often. So upon being told her would have his hair cut, Dean requested an "x" in his hair. Then of course Doane added to it a little....

As you have seen, I'm trying to "grow" my flowers. Here's a shot of just ONE of my stargazers, just about ready to blossom for me, and smell up my yard!

My daylillies are doing very well, too. My friend Viki wanted to see my purple-ish ones to see if she wanted a start from them this fall, so I took a picture of both so she can see a side-by-side comparison.

We also "grow" our garden. You'll have to look a couple of posts back, where I showed pics of our garden. So I have updated shots of each of our veggies/plants.

We "grow" trees that we thought were dead, but is now thriving....

And finally, Doane likes to continually "grow" his imagination and building skills, but it's just taken me a LONG time to post about it with the new slide addition....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Private Blogs

For all you faithful (or not so faithful, just droppin' in sometimes) followers, I've decided to make my blog private. I'll be doing the change-over (I think) on Monday, July 6th. So if you want to still view my blog, shoot me an email or call me or text me or sum-pin'!

Check out my counter on the right!!! It's so cool (NOT!!! The counter isn't working right!!!)

Wally World Pics

Okay, I'll admit it - I went to WalMart. I know, it's scary!! But I was tired of waiting for Doane to edit and print out pictures that "we could do ourselves", and in lieu of going to Sear's in Tri-Cities, we went to good old WalMart here in town.

Now, I'm not gonna post all the pics, cuz I gotta save some to send out to the fam, and I wouldn't want my mom stealin' 'em off my blog-o-sphere just yet!

So enjoy!

Aren't they the cutest??!!!