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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jacob's 5th Grade Project

Hello all! Long time no chat, I know. But I just have a quick post for the night. Jacob's 5th grade teacher, Mr. Barnett, has issued a challenge to his class. He has a website that has a Clustr Map. This is what the teacher says:

'Global Connections Challenge'

Our Global Connections Challenge has started!

Each school year I challenge my class to spread the word about our classroom web site in order to get visits from all seven continents (Yes, including Antarctica). You can see the visits to our site below on a really cool hit counter from Clustrmaps. This simple exercise demonstrates how connected the world is through the Internet, and it provides for awesome teachable geography moments. You can get involved by spreading the word about to everyone you know so they too can learn a little about us and what we're learning about.

Challenge Goals

-All seven continents, 1 Super Point

-All 50 US States, 1 Super Point

-All Canadian Provinces, 1 Class Point

-Visit from mainland China, 1 Super Point

-A visit from Andermatt Switzerland with picture, 1 Class Point

-Visit from the 3G base station near Gorakshep village Nepal, Mount Everest

(A picture would be awesome!) - 1 Super Point

So please stop by the website,
Just ignore the any reference it may say about "Lakeview Elementary". It's really Garden Heights Elementary. So please stop by, and tell all your friends, foreign and domestic, to go, too!

Thanx much!