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Sunday, May 31, 2009

PJ Sleepover!

On Friday, I hosted a PJ Sleepover at my house for my group of Laurels (I am the advisor). I know what you're thinking - "She has no daughters of her own, she has no sisters, what the CRAP is she thinking having a sleepover with a bunch of girls??!!!" And I would have to agree.

But it didn't turn out too bad. At various points of the evening, I had six of my seven girls there, plus the Young Women President. The slacker seventh girl kept making excuses and bailing on us. We'll get revenge on her - never fear (although she should....)

Before she had to leave, Rhylee was able to pass a couple things off, and make plans to finish other goals, as well. She's such a cute girl! We were all bummed that she couldn't stay with us.

Staying at my house overnight were four of my girls, plus the President. That night, we accomplished sewing a darling apron, modeled by the seamstress herself Brittney. Notice, if you will, the double-sided nature of the apron, for more versatile, reversible wear! With this task done, Britt can mark off one of her requirements.

And our fearless leader Melode showing her support for the accomplishment, of course...

With the teaming up of Lizzie and Kenzie, Lizzie was able to complete all her requirements to receive the Young Womanhood Recognition - yeah Lizzie! Kenzie was able to mark off a couple of her requirements, too. Great teamwork, girls! Unfortunately, Kenzie had to leave before I took any pictures (spaz me forgot about the camera I set on the counter specifically to document the night until after two of the girls left - doh!) so I don't have a picture of Kenzie and Lizzie together working. But work they did, believe you me!

At about quarter to twelve that night, the four girls that were left decided to go over to the high school and walk a couple laps for the Relay for Life (that I was supposed to be walking at for my work, but couldn't because of the sleepover). The other, and main, purpose of going over there was to try to retrieve our missing girl, Danielle, as she said she would be there until 12 or 1. She wasn't there, of course, but we walked a combined total 6.5 miles, and I was able to check in at my work's tent, and show them all the reinforcements I brought with me. Yeah for Relay for Life, and for continuing to give people hope for a cure! And especially hooray for my girls, wanting to walk in support of it, and for indulging me in pictures and chatting with some of my co-workers. Love my girls!

Lastly, to prove we survived the night, I had my husband take a picture of us all Saturday morning, before we at the donuts and drank the OJ I bought for breakfast. Aren't we all cute? In honor of being the "old lady" advisor, I wore curlers.

From left to right, it's Brittney, Mattie, Kayla, me, Melode, and Lizzie. Smashingly sexy women at 8 AM!!!


You're Funny Hunny said...

Looks like fun! You are brave, *I don't even let my own kids have sleepovers), but you will be blessed for it I am sure!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Good for you Beka! You guys got a LOT done.

Mindy said...

Becca, you are so good with the girls. It looks like they had a great time!

jenicaheslop said...


April said...

I read this the other day and apparently didn't comment.

HOW FUN! I'm going to have a sleep over now. Okay maybe not. OH Hey, you could show them all about making a wild flower book! HAHA. I was just having a memory of when we were running late making our book and we were putting the flowers in the oven to dry them out. GOOD TIMES!! Hey, PS I just found your wedding invite when diggin in a box the other day! STILL GOOD TIMES!