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Monday, May 11, 2009

Stinky Body Gas Post 11

It is necessary for a dog to be around for this fart to occur. People who fart and blame it on the dog when there is no dog within miles are making a travesty of the whole fart identifcation business, which is difficult enough as it is. This is always a silent fart but one with an odor you could blame on a dog that was dead. The farter tries to blame it on the dog. He will even go so far as to run the dog out of the house. Do not be fooled. When a dog farts it will usually grunt too. It may even get up and walk away. This is what you should do when you have identified a Dog Did It Fart. They are vile.

It's soooo nice to have a dog around to blame the smellies on, but then again, when she actually does fart, you had better run for the proverbial hills, because MAN does it stink!

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