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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It Pays to Blog Stalk!

Remember back earlier in the month, when I posted about a giveaway at Willow Lake Scents? Well, I forgot all about it. Then I received a comment on one of my last posts, telling me that I had won. Woo-hoo! So I hopped back over to that site, to see what was going on. It appears I was the third comment winner, and I receive a gift set from Farm Hussy. Any of the four prizes, plus the "mystery" prize, would be great to receive!

I'd just like to thank my fans and loyal supporters, because without them, I would not be blogging. I would also like to thank the creators of Blogspot, because without them, I wouldn't have my blog. And I would like to thank Mamarazzi, because without her, I would never have learned about Willow Lake Scents. And I would like to thank Candid Carrie, who inspired me to do another post today. And I would like to thank my new friend J, because I'm still enjoying the fruits of my last foray into blog stalking, and I'm too lazy to throw the box out, so it sits on my floor and I see it every day, and it makes me smile! And if I've missed anyone in my thank-you speech, I'm sorry. Just remember, you are thanked in my heart, and dearly loved!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun St. Patrick's Day Craft

Hello fellow bloggers!

I just wanted to share with you a fun craft idea I got from Make and Takes. At this site, they do fun projects for kids, ideas for home and family, and great ideas for making life simple. To go directly to the link with this project, go here. My kids were super-excited to do it, too, and it's REALLY simple (my kind of craft, ya know?)

The only thing I did to these is paint them black (and of course stamp Dean's shamrocks, since he couldn't do it himself....)

And of course my boys had to ham it up!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

8 Item Me Me

Although I don't participate in it, I realized that my blog title goes along with the SPT rules for the month. Hooray for me!

Any, I was tagged by my friend Amy, so I'll pass along the joy....

8 Item Tag
Here are the rules:
1)Post the rules on your blog.
2)Answer the six '8' items on the tag.
3)I tag: April, Kendra, Janice, Arianne and Lori

8 Favorite TV Shows:
1. Amazing Race
2. Heroes
3. Medium
4. Eli Stone
5. Survivor
6. ER
7. Ghost Whisperer
8. Big Brother

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Went to chiropractor
2. Made lunch for boys
3. Read a book
4. Checked friends' blogs
5. Arranged for son to raise and show a pig at fair
6. Worked
7. Wore new jewelry and flip-flops swap partner gave me
8. Got annoyed with hubby (I know, I know, not anything new....)

8 Things To Which I'm Looking Forward:
1. Spring
2. Tax return coming
3. Planting flowers outside
4. St. Patrick's Day, so I can dress crazy at work
5. Putting up chair rail in my living/dining rooms
6. Temple trip/Bankok food with Brenda
7. Date night with Doane
8. Size 10

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Cafe Rio
2. Costa Vida
3. Applebee's
4. Dana's
5. Michael's
6. Inca
7. ....?
8. ....?

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. GREATLY reduced debt
2. Size 8 pants - that fit!
3. Jacuzzi in back yard
4. Good health for myself and family
5. More organized home
6. Recommended food storage - yeah, right....
7. Job like I had in Utah
8. Deeper understanding of scriptures

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Willow Lake Scents Giveaway

I found this from a comment left on my Mamarazzi swap box. This cool blogger is giving away up to four prizes. Cool beans, if you ask me!

So go here Button and check it out!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Beginnings

On Wednesday our ward had New Beginnings, for those girls who will be coming in to Young Women this year. It was fun, and the girls, both current and future, enjoyed it. I guess it helped to see one of the "crazy" leaders looking really "crazy". As part of the night, the girls I teach and I did a little skit, talking about the value colors of the Young Women.

Here are my girls I teach every week (except Chelsi in green on the far right) before our skit, minus one girl who wasn't there yet, who was our ORANGE. Kenzie is BLUE, Kayla is RED, Maddie is WHITE, Lizzie is PURPLE, and Danielle is YELLOW.

Because they're a bunch of fun-loving girls, they wanted to do a "crazy" picture, too.

And what would the night be without our fearless Young Women President? I remember when I was this age, we had the most AWESOME YW President. She lived right across the street from me, and she was the funnest lady! I would still talk to her and go over every once in a while (when I still lived in the same state as her). Deb rocked! And I always wanted to be in YW, and be a leader like her, and hope I could be as cool and looked up to as her. I'm afraid I'm failing miserably.....

Our skit in action shows me trying not to crack up at one of the lines, but at least you can see our ORANGE (Rhylee), who came straight from work to YW, so she only had orange socks on. Hee-hee, funny girl!

The guests of honor for the night, these five girls got fun goodies, a good laugh from the upper classes, and good memories for their introduction to YW!

To wrap up the festivities, our wonderful Bishop spoke to the girls, and ALMOST managed to not choke up. He's such a softie!

So even if I'm not as cool as my old leader, at least I'm not afraid to make the girls laugh and look ridiculous like this....BTW, my ponytail holders have each of the colors of the values. That's why I've got so many....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap - BOX IS HERE!

Hello all! About month ago, I signed up for Mamarazzi's Favorit things swap, here...

My swap box from Jeannie finally arrived today - at 7:50 p.m. Come on, it was on the truck to deliver at 7:30 this morning, and this town isn't THAT big! Anywho, here are the goods.

This first picture is of the goods, as I unpacked them and laid them out - before I unwrapped some of my goodies....

Next is a shot of my yummy edibles. The interesting thing is that she included some of her favorite chocolate, which I did as well in my package to her. She also put some Weight-Watcher-friendly snacks, which I should totally get back on!

Then we have my beauty products. Another quirk is that in my box to her, I included nail polish and an item from Bath & Body Works, as well as some of my favorite chapsticks, and she did the same thing....

Then there's my fun flip-flops with matching necklace and earrings, which I can't say I included in my box, but they're GREEN, and that's my favorite color!!!!!

Lastly I was sent a fun foto frame, Paula Dean candle (who knew Paula Dean made these?), and handy magnetic shopping list....

It was a lot of fun opening the box and seeing what Jeannie included for me. I'll admit I was getting a little worried as she talked about ideas, thinking maybe she was going overboard on the spending limit (I still think she did!), but it was much much much fun putting my box together, and then getting her box. I can't wait until she blogs about her box (or maybe I don't look forward to it, because mine wasn't as cool as hers....)