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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chocolate Extreme, Baby!

I had the day off work yesterday, and managed to get pretty much nothing accomplished.....except pay a few bills and fold laundry - which that in itself is a major accomplishment, cuz I had buckets and buckets of laundry to fold!

Anywho, I told my friend Jenica that I would watch her three dolls for her, so she could have some quiet time. And guess what? She brought me one of these as payment. Yummy!

This is DQ's Chocolate Extreme blizzard, and it has chewy brownies, cocoa fudge, and chocolate bits in rich Dairy Queen cream. It is sooooo good. Thanx, Jenica!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Wedding Colors!

I just had to post this, because Dean was so funny when I painted my toes....

Today, my good friend Becca was married to Matt. Since I now work in the floral department at Safeway, I've been privy to her wedding colors, and picking out the flowers for her arrangement. Although I was REALLY stressed out at work yesterday, it helped mollify it a little that part of my duties were selecting her flowers....

Becca chose a blue and fuchsia mix for her colors, and its a fabulous combo! So when I went to get my nails done today, I decided I needed a pedicure, too, because my polish was 3 or 4 weeks old. When I first sat down in the chair, the lady asked me what color I wanted. Then I had to get up and go pick one. I had Dean with me, so he wanted to "help". Of course me, being the adult, had the winning vote, but when he saw the color, he liked it too.

So I went back and sat in the chair. Dean wanted to sit in a chair, and have his feet "washed" too. I pulled him up on my lap, and he stuck his feet in the water with me. I don't know how many of you have had a pedicure, but there's not a whole lot of room on those chairs for yourself AND a child. But we made it work! And all day long (while I've been with him), he's talked about having his feet washed, and how much fun it was. That made the uncomfortable time worth it! The lady even "scrubbed" his feet with a little brush, too. It was cute!

Anywho, since Becca's colors are blue and fuchsia (generally), I picked blue as my toe color. When I got home, I put these cute little stickers on, and they had fuchsia. Then I wore a shirt that had fuchsia in it down to TriCities for the ceremony. Aren't I so color-coordinated?

And yes, I am bringing my foot up to my shirt, so you can see the two colors together. Do you think I would realize how much easier it would be to take my shirt off and step on it? Oh, no, not me. I have to do it the hard way!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Growing Garden & Flowers

So I've had these pictures on my camera for about a week now, and decided I should really try to post them....

On Mother's Day, my family went out in our back yard, to plant our garden. We planted lots of things, but we had to wait until they started to sprout before we could take pictures.

We planted corn

We planted watermelon

We planted carrots

We planted cucumbers

And we planted tomatoes

As you can see, our tomatoes aren't doing so well. But at least we tried!

All the other things have grown even more since taking these pictures, but I didn't want to go down and take more before I did this post, or I'd never get it done!

I also went out and took pictures of my flowers I've got growing in the front yard. I'm so excited, because I planted seven stargazer lilly bulbs. They're my favorite!

These are my daisies (with some dying or dead daffodils in the corners.....)

And these are my stargazers.

You can also see my daylillies on the top right, but they're nothing cool, as I had those last year. But I did notice today that their buds are starting to come out, too. Yeah, I'm gonna have a flowery yard!

Guard Weekends Are Generally the Pits!

Argh, I hate these long weekends when Doane is gone! But at least my good pal Jenica squeezed me into her busy schedule for a darling cut and color! Didn't she do a good job?
(Remember that the front view is after going in and out of the rain a few times, so it kind of got tamped down by the weather....)

Is it Sunday nite (late) yet???