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Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 Mardis Family Reunion

Here are some pics from our first annual Mardis Family Reunion, held in Idaho Falls, ID on July 1st through the 5th. Enjoy!
These first three are of our backyard tent campground. There were a few of us there!

Here we're getting ready for one of our many craft projects.

The kids had fun shooting tiny marshmellows at each other - and they shot a LOT!!

Pretty little Boda Belle chillin in the shade of her tree.

While younger brother Steve looks on, Doane "instructs" Jacob on the art of grilling....or something like that...

And yes, the marshmellow wars are STILL going on!

Here's Marylou and Regan, strategizing their plans for decorating their shirts.

Brittni and Jacob finished their shirts - where's everybody else's?

The aftermath of our marshmellow wars....and believe it or not, they were all cleaned up!

Lots more shirts and another tent. Sure wish I woulda had my camera handy to capture everybody wearing their shirts - they were cool!!

Patrick getting ready to share his talent of telling jokes.

Dean just LOVES to show off his toothless grin!

Here's Addie and Aubree's shirts - they are stylishly designed!

The Mardis Brothers, from youngest to oldest:
Nik, Aaron, Chester, Steven, Isaac, Doane, and Russ

The audience enjoing the talent show.

Grandma Susan introducing various acts for the talent show.

Angie, Lou and my feet - aren't they pretty? :)

The M.A.R.D.I.S. C.L.A.N (minus the L)
Marylou, Angie, Russ, Doane, Isaac, Steven, Chester, Aaron, and Nik - what a crew!!

We had a great time at the reunion, and look forward to our next one in 2 years!!