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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Karate Mama

A while ago I posted an "about me" kind of thing, where you answer questions about yourself. One of the fill-in-the-blank things was to tell something that most people don't know. So of course, I had to post that I used to teach karate. Shortly after my post, I got an email from Korbi, asking if I wanted to teach at the gymnastics place. I was like "WHAT?" But now I'm kind of getting excited about it, and my boys are absolutely ecstatic! Jacob is just salivating at the thought of his mom teaching him in another sport. (Apparently he really loved it when I coached his soccer team in Utah.)
Anywho, it's nothing definite yet, but it's still something to get excited over. I know, I know, I shouldn't jump the gun, but I hope it works out for everyone, and we can all have a good time!
Right now, though, I have to head off to bed, and dream up something cool to make for Bunko tomorrow. Any thoughts? And if you're reading this, you're all invited to come play Bunko with us. It's a great time! Just give me a jingle!


Sara said...

How fun for you to get back in to karate! Best of luck with it. :)

Mardis Family said...

I might "die of heat prostration" from all the comments you've been leaving! LOL

The Petersons said...

How fun to get to teach karate! Mason has been wanting to do it for awhile now, but we've never gotten around to getting him signed up. Maybe some day.

Sara said...

LOL, I've been trying to turn over a new leaf. :D

carrie said...

Hey you are such a cool Mom! those little girls are really cute. Good for you on you wieght watchers sucess! you are very makes me want to sign up.......Naw not yet! See ya Friday

carrie said...

ok I need to slow down when I am trying to type....your "weight" watchers LOL