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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Babysitting Adventures

I am helping out a friend for a while, because she's up in Spokane with her baby. I am watching her two other daughters a couple of days a week, and I just love the girls! It's like having daughters by proxy, or something like that. Anywho (one of my new favorite words to use, because I was watching Samantha Who? Monday night, and she kept saying it, and it was funny), these two girls are such fun to have, and they have so much energy! Meliah is a bottomless pit of constant hunger, but her cute chubby cheeks are too hard to resist!

My middle child, Patrick, is a fan of all girls (unfortunately for me, his interest in them bloomed WAY to early for my tastes), and he especially likes a couple in our neighborhood. Maiclinn is one of them, but they are behaving today, and just sitting together watching Leroy and Stitch. But I couldn't resist taking a picture of them, sitting on the couch all cute, with a blanket on their laps (and yes, Patrick's hands are on TOP of the blanket - I checked to make sure).

A couple of days ago, Doane had built another "fort" for the boys, with their big Mega Blocks. However, there isn't much room in there, especially when a couple bigger kids crawl in. So Meliah was sad that there wasn't room for her, when Patrick, Maiclinn, and Dean were in it. Feeling bad for her, I dug in the closet for our Bob the Builder tractor tent, and set it up for her. Then her and Dean abandoned the fort, and started playing in the tent. Meliah finally went to sleep, but I left it up for them to play later. It is a pretty cool thing, even though I'm thinking about selling it at a yard sale this summer.

As cute as she is, little Meliah can fight tooth and nail about going down for a nap. And dummy me, I forgot her nap time today, and by the time I remembered, she was REALLY cranky and whiny. But I got her to lay down by reading her Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb and talking to her for a bit. She fell asleep, and she's so adorable sleeping, too! Don't you agree?


sarakorbi said...

If you sale it, I call first dibs! :)

Mindy said...

I agree, they are too cute!