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Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Go Go Joseph Cast!

Wow, so it's been a busy few weeks, and last week was absolutely crazy! We started a two-week phase where we rehearsed every day but Sunday on Monday two weeks ago, but last week was the performance week. Man, was I tired when it was over on Friday night. Oh, yeah, we added an extra performance, so we didn't get done until about 11:00 p.m. or thereabouts. It was all I could do to go pick up the kids from the sitter, carry them inside and put them to bed, take off my stage makeup, and collapse in bed. Doane was mysteriously gone, "helping put stuff away" at the theatre. I'm like, "We're striking tomorrow, can't it wait?!" Anyway, I wanted to share some photos that I took with my camera, and I hope to get more from a couple other people, so I can share them, too. It was lots of fun doing this play (even though we didn't have a cactus, Sara), and it was great meeting members of the Stake. We didn't really know anyone going into the play, as Doane and I were the only cast members, and there was one lady in the choir, and one High Councilman who played a guard, and was our all-around fix-it man. All I can say is, YOU WERE AN AWESOME CAST TO WORK WITH!

These lovely ladies are our awesome narrators: Emily, Jasmine, and Melanie. I love them all, but I have to give props to Emily, as she was hilarious!

This is Emily, counting her dividends from all the recording offers she got doing this play.....go Tina Turner!
Doane had to show off the cup he made (the one that Joseph plants in Benjamin's sack). He's so crafty!
These are just some of the wives. We couldn't corral all of them, as it was kind of hectic backstage. But this is Christine (whose father was an awesome Joseph!), Jenni (who made some cool crowns and wigs for the Egypt scene), Tammi, Carrie, Cherie, and me.

Yes, I know. You're all jealous that you couldn't wear this outfit!
Jenni and I couldn't find any of the other wives, so we took our Go Go picture together. Aren't we cute?

I later found Lisa and Cassie, hamming it up for the camera. They are so adorable!
How many men does it take to build a set? I don't know, since they're all just standing around watching.

We are just a couple brothers, good men and silly!

Stay tuned, because I hope to get more pics, including pictures of our Egypt costumes. They're great, let me tell ya!


Em K DUB said...

Hey Missy!!! Thanks for the shout out. . . . I'm sad we won't see eachother as often, but atleast we have our blogs to stay in touch! I had so much fun with you, you and your husband are amazing! Thanks for the good times!!!!!!!

Sara said...

Looks like you had a ball, and it appears to have gone well even without the cactus. (Matt and I were re-doing our cd's on the computer and when we put it the Joseph cd he was talking about how he was the one who sang "One More Angel" when they did in high school, because he could twang. I tried to explain about the cactus in our show...I guess you had to be there...Or just have been subject to Megan. :S )

April said...

I've heard about this production since I became a member, but still don't really know about it. I'll have to get educated!

Mindy said...

I loved the play! It was amazing! (no pun intended, ha ha!)