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Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Driveway

So, after a year of complaining and submitting work orders, our builder finally came and tore up (part) of our driveway. Unfortunately, I didn't get on the ball and take pictures of them tearing UP the driveway, which was more entertaining than watching them pour it, but oh well.

This is the workers doing the pouring, and the boys watching the big machine.

Then we have the finished product, plus a bonus sidewalk they added because it took them so long to get to it. Pretty cool!

Of course I had to do the whole prints in the sidewalk thing, because it was too funny! I even managed to get our dog in on it!

It pays to be so obnoxious and sticking to your guns! I mean, we paid a lot of money for this house, and to have a broken driveway before we even moved in? Give me a break! (Or in this case, several.....)

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