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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dean's Been Tagged!

While I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to do here (thanks for NOT explaining Kori!), I'll do my best to fill people in on our littlest monkey.

  • Dean was the biggest child, weighing 8 lbs 14 oz. He only beat Patrick by about 8 oz, but I was still SUPER uncomfortable!
  • His name didn't come from anywhere but our heads, although after we named him, we realized that his first name is the same as Doane's uncle's middle name, and Doane's best (and most irritating) friend from high school's middle name.
  • Dean's middle name is Jaxon. I wanted that to be his first name, but Doane won on that battle. Doane like the idea of a little DJ better than a little JD. JD sounded too yee-haw for him.
  • Like Tayvin, Dean didn't walk until very late. It was around 18 or 19 months before he took his first steps. We weren't too concerned, as his doctor wasn't. We figured he would do it when he was ready. We were just surprised that he didn't want to get up and chase after his older brothers!
  • Dean is the caboose of our family, so he will always be our little baby. I can't physically have another child, and I don't think I could mentally cope with another child, either!
  • Dean is very inquisitive and smart, and wants to be "just like Jacob" when he grows up.
  • Dean loves to play with his brothers, and help his dad build things.
  • That's about all there is to Dean. He's the last one at home, and won't be joining the ranks of school-bound children until next year, or later, if I decide to hold him back. We just have to see how he is doing at that time, and if we feel like he's ready to go to school or not.

Since I have now completed this task, I will now tag Ellie Mounts and Seth Mardis.


sarakorbi said...

what if your husband's best (and most irritating) friend reads your blog? Does he know that he's irritating? :)

Mardis Family said...

Yes, he knows I have a hard time tolerating him, but that I love him to death (thankfully, he has a wonderful wife that makes up for him)!

The Petersons said...

I didn't know Dean was a late walker too. Maybe it has something to do with them being the baby. (or being babied.)