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Monday, March 17, 2008

Gross But Funny

So those of you who saw the previous video, you might notice this one is a bit different. I was concerned that the other one might be a little too offensive, so I exchanged it for this one, because I can totally see it happening. It's really funny (to me), though.
Okay, so those of you who know me well will get this. I enjoy jokes about noises coming from the rear end, and even own a book about them. It's an alphabetical listing of them, and explains what each one is. (I have a sick sense of humor sometimes.) Therefore, I have to post this video, because I find it amusing. Enjoy!


Jess said...

OH MY GOSH BEKA!!!!! There are no words :) LOL LOL LOL!!!!

.............. said...

Doane and Beka, Hi, we saw your blog linked from the Crofts and we had to peek in on you. Hope you don't mind. Looks like you are all doing well and having fun. Tell the boys hi from Mason. Tracy and Kori Peterson

sarakorbi said...

at first I was thinking, oh my gosh that's so gross, and then I couldn't stop laugiing!

Em K DUB said...

Um hello why haven't you told any fart jokes at practice!!! I really wish I could see this video, but my computer at work doesn't play videos, so lame!!!