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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pay It Forward Winners

Well, I know you are anxiously awaiting my announcement of the winners for Pay it Foward, so I wont' make you wait any longer. The winners are Emily and Katie, my only two commenters. Good luck, girls, on your paying it forward!
Em will get her prize at rehearsal next week (I'll be gone on Friday and Saturday), and I'll get in touch with Katie this week.

Thanx for playing!


Katie said...

YAHOO!!!!!! I actually won something-can't wait to meet up with you to get the awesome prize!!!

carrie said...

hey there
I never gave you my email and stuff... our family web page is

We really need to do lunch....this town is too boring. That is cool about the possible Karate thing..if you do teach let me know...Joey would love to start again. I love the pictures of the play COOL BEANS see ya Carrie Geertsen