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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MamaSource Update

Hey all,

I just have to apologize to those who I encouraged to join Mamasource, because they apparently have a spamming problem. I've been contacted by several people about it, and they can't get it to stop. So if you haven't linked to it yet and signed up, don't! I'll leave the link on my page in case people are curious, but RESIST the urge to send someone a free e-flower or tree or whatever they offer. They will contact everyone in your address book and will not leave them alone.
Again, sorry about this.



April said...

Yeah, I never got to see the "flower" and got a bunch of junk instead. I emailed the company (I wasn't mean, but I wasn't going to be nice if that's the way they set up accounts) because I never signed up for an account and somehow had one. They removed my information.

Dallas, Jess, Hannah, and Baby said...

I might forgive you one day :)

Wilder's said...

All I did was went to the bottom of the email and hit the link the said remove my name from mailing list and it has stopped. I have not recieved a single thing from the since, and all it took was a simple mouse click!