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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blessed with Friends

So I've had this friend for a while, and she's always impressed me. She always seems so put together, talented at everything she does (I wish I could paint my house as good as she can), a great mom, and an equally determined and talented working professional. I could aspire to be her when I grow up (I know, I know, like that will ever happen). After some recent struggles, she continues to amaze and impress me with her outlook on life. She has the sweetest, most giving personality, and I love and admire her all the more for her outlook on life amidst her hardships.
How greatful I am to have met her, and greatful I am to God for bringing her into my life. We share so many ideals and goals, yet she seems so much further in her eternal progression than me. We enjoy a lot of the same things, and love to get together with friends and play games and just hang out. I look up to her, and hope that I can offer support in any small way.
Recently our Prophet died, and although it was very sad, I am glad to know he was reunited with the love of his life. It must have been long and somewhat lonely years without her, even though he was so busy with other things. He was a great man, and a great example to the world over, no matter what religion you belonged to. As he set an example for us, and led us for the past 12 years, I know that the next prophet can do the same, and be just as wonderful an example.
So, for my friend, I reiterate the sentiments of President Hinckley: Things will work out.
I feel so blessed to have her as a friend, and to have all my other friends also. I appreciate her, and look forward to many more years of friendship!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Good luck to your friend, Bekka. She's lucky to have you...

Dallas, Jess, Hannah, and Baby said...

I love your about me picture, we look pretty hot!! Lets look like that again :)