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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dog Pile! Bonjour!

So what could a bunch of boys do when they are bored, and need something to do? Dog pile on each other, of course. So, of course, I had to have Doane lay on top of them to keep them there, while I went and grabbed my camera. Then I had to take endless pictures, to see how long they would last like only took three pictures before they'd had enough. Oh, well, it was still funny.

And while I'm here doing a blog, I thought I'd thank Jess for sending me the link to the Hawaiian chair. I laughed so hard! For those of you who didn't get the link, just go to

It's pretty funny! It brightened my day.

Oh, Doane, what have you done? This is what happens when Doane is bored and needs to use up some paint he had left over. I know he is a good painter, but on the boys? :)


Dallas, Jess, Hannah, and Baby said...

What cute pictures, I LOVE the facial hair!! OMG, was that not the funniest chair (product) EVER!!!! I too laughed OUT LOUD!!!

Mindy said...

ok, the chair was hilarious! Love it! Thanks for the laugh!

Bethany said...

I loved the Hawaii chair. I can't believe that's for real. Thanks for the name suggesstion. Cleo is actually pretty cute. did you see my mom's idea...Poppy?! I think she's gone crazy! I'm lucky she didn't name me that.