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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update on Touches of Me

After I painted out dining room, Doane found a little pint of "oops" paint that he thought might look good with the color I had chosen. It wasn't the best, and ended up not really showing that well. But then we wondered what would happen if we mixed that color with some glaze.

Here is the result, and I think it looks pretty cool. Jenica told me I need to post an updated picture of it, cuz it's so cool. It looks even better in person, so come on over and check it out!

In case you can't remember what it was before, go check out my previous post here....


April said...

I'm on my way to see it in person! I wish :)
I think it looks great!

The Greenie said...
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The Petersons said...

Sorry Beka, that last comment was me (Tracy was logged in.) Anyway, I love how this looks and want to try it. Did you have to do anything else besides mix up the paint with the glaze and roll it on? And, you put it over the top of the other color, right?