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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

So we are slacker parents, and didn't take any pictures of our kids this year. I guess we figured since they're wearing the same costumes as last year, we didn't need an updated pic. Oops! But we did take one of me before I headed off to work, and some of Doane's cool maze he built in our front yard. Enjoy!

I tried to upload the video of Doane's maze, but couldn't figure out how to do it. So the pictures will just have to suffice. The following is a turn by turn of what you see in our maze. Doane worked really hard to put it together, and it's pretty cool for being thrown together on Halloween, if I do say so myself - and I DID!

In case I forgot to mention it, there was a costume contest at work. Apparently they were supposed to print the pictures out of those who dressed up, and we were going to vote on the winner - I still don't know who the winner is, dangit! Maybe I'll find out when I go to work tomorrow.....


Jess said...

WOW, cool costume and maze!!! You guys totally had the Halloween spirit!!!!

Mindy said...

Beka, you guys did a great job decorating and dressing up! How fun!