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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Did I Teach Him That?????!!!

Taking a page from my friend Lori's blog, I ask myself, "Did I teach him that?"

Last night, my boys were playing Battleship against their dad, and all three of them got to play against Doane. While waiting for his turn, Patrick decided to "slip" on his chair, and managed to produce this dilemma.....

I can't figure out how you can "slip" and manage to get yourself stuck into the chair like this. We tried getting him out going forward and going backward, but there's simply no way we could get him out. He screamed bloody murder when we were trying to pull him out from behind, because his head was getting smashed. He kept screaming to "break the chair, just break it!!!" So he spent about 10 minutes looking like this, while Doane figured out how to get him out.

Alas, after all the work Doane has done to sand and re-paint our chairs, he had to do this to the chair to get Patrick out. Boy, was Doane an UNHAPPY man last night!

Luckily, Doane didn't actually have to break it. He just had to take some screws out, which (luckily) weren't glued in. So now he just has to put it back together, and we'll have our chair back.....doh!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Now THAT was funny. Oh man. How did he do it?

I love the title to the post, too, so appropriate.

jenicaheslop said...

how hilarious! poor patrick, poor chair, poor doane. hope it can be fixed, and lesson learned? funny funny.

Mindy said...

Okay, at first, I thought it was funny and then I felt Doane's pain. At least it's only a few screws though. Great post!

Kelsy Watson said...

Awwm that's so sad, I mean when you were telling me at work all about it I thought it was funny but seeing the pictures it's hilarious! haha