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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Utah Trip

Okay, these are going to be disorganized and a little weird, but we weren't very good at taking pictures with the camera, so we didn't document very much of our trip. Also, we didn't take any pictures with both Doane and I in them, so you'd never know we were there. Doh!

We'll start off with some pics of the boys in the van, on the way down to Utah.

Think they're tired of being in the van yet?

Even Lucy had about had it, and wanted to escape her cage. This is what she does when she wants to get out, and it was pretty funny the first time I saw it. She can't quite squeeze out all the way, so just her head pokes up.

Next we move on to our first night in Utah, which you saw some of those pictures if you looked at Dean's birthday post.

This is a line-up of some of the cousins, from shortest to tallest (almost). A couple are out of order, and the funny thing is, one of the smaller ones in the middle (next to Patrick) is older than Patrick by 2 years!

This is Dean's cousin opening presents, and they graciously shared the party with us that night.

And after the party, we HAVE to have a big family meal, since most of Doane's siblings, and his mom, were there!

And here we have some LOVELY pictures of our home in Cedar, that we are currently renting out. Don't ya just love our front yard? The grass is thriving, there's no weeds, and it looks great! and the view of our neighbor's trashy yard next to our weedy side yard would make any potential buyer salivate with the wonderful neighborhood they would be buying into!

Then we move on to our back yard. The grass is absolutely amazing, and the lack of weeds is impressive! I'm so glad we paid $45 dollars to have our lawn aerated and weeded. It was so worth it! Oh, wait, I told them I DIDN'T want to pay for that service, since there wasn't any grass to speak of!

I will skip the pictures of the inside of the house, as it was amazingly not too bad. The carpet is atrocious, but it was like that before we left. We just didn't want to buy new carpet for renters to trash! It was just odd, though, because the people "living" there didn't have much stuff in the closets, and there were no beds to speak of. Just air mattresses on the floor. Oh, the best part is the renters had a big ROOSTER in the back yard. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of it. We were probably either laughing too hard, or trying to figure out why they had one there in the first place, to think of taking a picture. We found out later that it was illegal to keep a rooster as a pet within the city limits. The property management company assured us they told the renters to get rid of the rooster post haste. Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it - or not.

Now we move on to our Friday night get-together. This is a picture of my sister-in-law Kendra at dinner with us at Bruno's. It's okay food, but kinda tight eating quarters, as it's in a gas station. You can also see my mom off to the left, holding Kendra's son Crue (I think that's how you spell it?). Kendra is married to my middle brother, Jared, and Crue is their only son right now.

This is my best little Chicana friend Maria. She was my pal, and saviour, while Doane was deployed. Her hubby was in Doane's unit, and we became very close. I've missed her a lot since we moved up here.

That night, we went to the Sessions' house. There is usually good food and fun games, but we had just come from dinner, and were too lazy to get around to the games.

This is the Sessions' second-to-last son Kevin, with his girlfriend. You can also see Dale Sessions in the back.

My mom and dad are looking up at this crazy lady that entertained us with funny stories while she was there (I can't remember her name, but she's a friend of Dale and Ruth's). The girl sitting on the floor looking up is Maria's daughter Bailee. Isn't she adorable?

Here is Maria, giving her daughter a back rub, while Ruth looks jealously on, and my mom looks away.

Well, thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane to Utah!


Korbi said...

did the kids do good on the drive? don't ya just love DVD players? :)

The Petersons said...

I bet that made you sick to see your backyard like that! Dang renters!!! At least the inside wasn't too trashed. Oh, and by the way, Bruno's is one of Tracy's favorite restaurants. He'll be jealous.

Em K DUB said...

Yeah that totally sucks about the yard! You are funny Beka! Oh and I promise next time I see you at safeway I'll hit up your line!

jenica heslop said...

yeah, I feel your Renters pain, sucks. Good trip though eh!