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Monday, August 11, 2008

Dean's 4th Birthday

Here goes another update. Dean turned 4 on July 15, so we had a little party for him here at home, then we celebrated with Doane's family when we went down to Cedar City. I just have to give a shout-out to my friend Kori for her idea on the marshmallow project - the kids loved it!
Dean is working intently on his creation!

Little Jaxson just wants to eat his, while my cutely pudgy girl Meliah is too tired to do anything.

Little Meliah and her sister Maiclinn are working hard on their creations now, as is Jacob. Becca is just keeping a close eye on her girls, for safety's sake....
Here's a close-up of some of the marshmallow creations, and the best part is, you can EAT most of what you make!

It was, of course, a Start Wars birthday, so we had to have a cake, wishing the force to be with Dean on his 4th birthday!

Then we have the Cedar City party, at Doane's brother's house. My youngest brother and his wife came, with their little girl. It was good to see him on our first day there! Unfortunately, my parents were unavoidably detained, as their car hydroplaned off the road just outside of Cedar, and they had to wait for a tow truck. Yikes!


Jess said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAN!!!! What a sweet little guy!

jenicaheslop said...

happy birthday dean!! looks like you had fun!! way cute mallows, are those toothpicks or skewers or what?