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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chocolate Extreme, Baby!

I had the day off work yesterday, and managed to get pretty much nothing accomplished.....except pay a few bills and fold laundry - which that in itself is a major accomplishment, cuz I had buckets and buckets of laundry to fold!

Anywho, I told my friend Jenica that I would watch her three dolls for her, so she could have some quiet time. And guess what? She brought me one of these as payment. Yummy!

This is DQ's Chocolate Extreme blizzard, and it has chewy brownies, cocoa fudge, and chocolate bits in rich Dairy Queen cream. It is sooooo good. Thanx, Jenica!


Doug & April said...

Holy DQ!!! I love the Oreo version of the Blizzard!!!

Mindy said...

Looks yummy! You are a good friend!