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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home & Yard Pics

As my last "public" blog post, I submit to you pictures of things that we "grow" at our house.

First, we "grow" the boys' imaginations, and they build stuff with Lego's big and small....

The boys are supposed to be sleeping, but they can't help but grin!

Here are the side views...

And we also "grow" hair, and given the boys' (read "my") preference for short hair, we have to cut it often. So upon being told her would have his hair cut, Dean requested an "x" in his hair. Then of course Doane added to it a little....

As you have seen, I'm trying to "grow" my flowers. Here's a shot of just ONE of my stargazers, just about ready to blossom for me, and smell up my yard!

My daylillies are doing very well, too. My friend Viki wanted to see my purple-ish ones to see if she wanted a start from them this fall, so I took a picture of both so she can see a side-by-side comparison.

We also "grow" our garden. You'll have to look a couple of posts back, where I showed pics of our garden. So I have updated shots of each of our veggies/plants.

We "grow" trees that we thought were dead, but is now thriving....

And finally, Doane likes to continually "grow" his imagination and building skills, but it's just taken me a LONG time to post about it with the new slide addition....


Doug & April said...

Love the garden!

And why didn't I have those huge blocks when I was little. Now that I think about it - why don't I have them NOW??? HHAA

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Way to grow Becka!