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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World's Best Mom, or Slacker?

Are You a Slacker Mom?
Every woman has her own parenting style - what's your parenting style? Take this fun quiz to discover if you are a slacker mom, and learn some fun tips on motherhood.

I got this quiz from my BonusMail, and thought I'd share it with all ya'll moms out there. So go
here to take the quiz, and find out what kind of mom you are.

Here are my results:
Your quiz score makes you: Zen Mom

How do you do it? Even when explosions are all around, you are able to take a deep cleansing breath and chant your mantra "this too shall pass." You are a calming influence on your kids in a hectic world.

I'm not too sure about my results, because I don't feel very zen, especially when Doane is away on a drill weekend. But oh, well!

1 comment:

Jess said...

So I have taken the quize twice & both time come up as the smarty pants Mom ??? I guess it fits? This was fun, thanks :) Here are my results:

Smart parents like you have smart kids. They need plenty of intellectual stimulation and you provide them with all they need, plus lots of love. You know how to help them with algebra homework, and you are superior at kissing boo-boos.