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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Helloooooo Schnoodles!

My baby girl finally delivered her five - count them FIVE - puppies. Yeah, like you can see them all. I'm afraid Lucy is going to lay on them and suffocate them tonight!

Anywho, here are the first two to come out....

Then Lucy had her first little black one. I'll skip the gross shot, as I have better ones for later, but here is the mostly cleaned off black one.

At this point, I had to rush off to work (and barely made it there to clock in on time). I instructed Doane to text me with each new addition. There were only two more after I left, and they were both black. But here comes the nasty pictures! Make sure you enlarge the pics for a better view.....

Now this one looks just yummy, and makes you wanna go out and eat a big hunk o' raw steak!

And this is the best pic I can get of the puppies tonight. Lucy is just cuddling them, wrapped around their little bodies. So cute!


Laurel said...

Did Lucy give consent for those photos? How would you like your birthing pics posted on the internet? ;) Hooray for cute puppies!

Korbi said...

Yeah! We wanna come and see! Are you around tomorrow? or maybe some time early next week. I don't want Beck to get too excited in their little fragile first days. He's gonna want to hold them so bad, but alas... little babies are fragile, so I may need your help in restraining him! :)

Lori said...

Cute puppies!!!! No the BEKA is you. (Sorry for the spelling.)