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Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 Activities

I know, it's been a LONG while since my last post.....sorry! I'll just give you a run-down of the last few months. First of all, our two oldest boys are doing pigs for fair this year. they each have one, and we're keeping them out at our friends' house. So here are some pics of our boys going out to try to walk their pigs....
There are many more of these, but until I get a few pics of them trying to ride them, I'll forebear. So this is Patrick's nasty cavity tooth the dentist had to pull - no wonder his tooth ached so much!
It was so gross, we had to bag it up for the tooth fairy to take it away! Next up, I finished painting our fence with a couple of our Sister Missionaries, and they enjoyed finishing the afternoon off by painting my shirt!
As I posted in February of 2011, we lost our dog when she got out of her kennel and was hit and killed. The day after Mother's Day, we went and got another girl. In an effort to hopefully keep her from running away, I convinced Doane to get her a companion. We tried out this dog for a week:
But as you can see, our Boda (on the left) didn't really care for him!
So then we got a cute little bugger, and they like each other. Meet Boda and Teal'c (and for you Stargate fans out there, yes, he is named after the Jafa Teal'c)
And to round off my photo montage, I have created some patriotic eggs for a Relief Society activity tonight. Some hard-boiled eggs and some deviled eggs. I gotta luv me sum red, white and blue! Aren't I a cute crafter?
Before the devilling
After the devilling
Thank you for joining me on my trip down this mini memory lane. I'll try to be more regular on my postings, but I make no promises! Ciao!


Kendra said...

Shoot for 2-3 times a year at least! :) Thanks for the post. It's fun seeing your family. Crue still talks every once in a while about Jacob, Patrick, and Dean being his cousins.

Monkeys ARDently In Sinc said...

Thanks Kendra!

Doug & April said...

Very cool eggs!

You ARE a super cute crafter!!