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Monday, July 5, 2010

TwiNerd Party @ Korbi's!

On the 25th of June, we had a "Twilight" party at Korbi Ashton's, in preparation for the release o the Eclipse movie the following week. There were some good times had, and some great crafts made. Unfortunately, I only have a few of the pictures, but I present them to you for your viewing pleasure...

the goodies

the crafts

Bethany has the NERVE to text her husband during our party - ALL males are banned!!

Katie just found out that she was going to have a total of SEVEN kids....she's a little shell-shocked!

Aren't we a bunch of HOT women? (Yes, we're all in our *some*ties, but we LOVE twilight!)

Stay tuned for pics of the midnight movie some of us party-goers went to!

1 comment:

Doug & April said...

I have a couple friends/coworkers that are Twilight crazy too. One has so much Twilight stuff it's just crazy - she went to TwiCon and had a blast.

Oh my heck SEVEN kids!!!???