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Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Beginnings

On Wednesday our ward had New Beginnings, for those girls who will be coming in to Young Women this year. It was fun, and the girls, both current and future, enjoyed it. I guess it helped to see one of the "crazy" leaders looking really "crazy". As part of the night, the girls I teach and I did a little skit, talking about the value colors of the Young Women.

Here are my girls I teach every week (except Chelsi in green on the far right) before our skit, minus one girl who wasn't there yet, who was our ORANGE. Kenzie is BLUE, Kayla is RED, Maddie is WHITE, Lizzie is PURPLE, and Danielle is YELLOW.

Because they're a bunch of fun-loving girls, they wanted to do a "crazy" picture, too.

And what would the night be without our fearless Young Women President? I remember when I was this age, we had the most AWESOME YW President. She lived right across the street from me, and she was the funnest lady! I would still talk to her and go over every once in a while (when I still lived in the same state as her). Deb rocked! And I always wanted to be in YW, and be a leader like her, and hope I could be as cool and looked up to as her. I'm afraid I'm failing miserably.....

Our skit in action shows me trying not to crack up at one of the lines, but at least you can see our ORANGE (Rhylee), who came straight from work to YW, so she only had orange socks on. Hee-hee, funny girl!

The guests of honor for the night, these five girls got fun goodies, a good laugh from the upper classes, and good memories for their introduction to YW!

To wrap up the festivities, our wonderful Bishop spoke to the girls, and ALMOST managed to not choke up. He's such a softie!

So even if I'm not as cool as my old leader, at least I'm not afraid to make the girls laugh and look ridiculous like this....BTW, my ponytail holders have each of the colors of the values. That's why I've got so many....


hennchix said...

What a fun night! You would be a blast to have as a leader; I am sure the girls love you.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I wish I could have seen it!

You're Funny Hunny said...

Looks like a fun night! Being in the Young Women's presidency is a calling I tend to fear....maybe because my young women years weren't my most amazing?!

Laurel said...

What an awesome leader you are! Way to follow in Deb's footsteps. I love the hair.