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Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Job!

Hello everyone! I know, it seems like I dropped off the face of the blogging world, but it isn't true. I just haven't been all that inspired to blog about anything in particular. Well, that's not true, either. I just haven't been inspired to get off my lazy duff and post anything.

But today is different. I've gotten off my proverbial lazy derriere and done a post finally. Woo-hoo for me!

The big news today is that I got a job. I will be a checker at a local Safeway, working late hours, and not spending much time with my hubby. But at least I'll be home for the kids! I will only work about 4 days a week, but it gets me out of the house, and brings in some much-needed money. Ya'll know how that is, I'm sure.

Anywho, wish me luck, 'cuz I hope I don't kill myself......


The Petersons said...

Good luck with the new job! That stinks you won't be seeing too much of Doane. But, I'm sure the money will be nice.

Jess said...

Good Luck!!! See ya soon :)

sarakorbi said...

yeah for you! Can I come visit? I always hear rumors that you can't "check out" friends or something like that? Good luck!

Mardis Family said...

Uh, as far as I know, you can "check out" your friends. You just can't "check out" your family. But aren't they one and the same sometimes? LOL